Support Local Business

There are a number of terrific businesses established in Fairfield that have a wider presence throughout Idaho. However, the majority of the city’s revenue comes from the busy local tourism industry that thrives most during the winters. Professional photographers, ski equipment rentals, sport shops, diners and bistros are a few of the popular business ventures in Fairfield that winter adventure sport’s visitors have come to love.

Stop by in the Winter Time

Ski KitingMost famous for its winter activities, the open spaces, beautiful landscapes, and the friendly local residents make Fairfield a pleasant place to visit during winters for its picturesque snow attractions. Snowboarding, skiing and associated winter sports are usually what bring tourists to the city even though it offers much more.

In the last census conducted in 2010, the city had just 416 people and a total of 109 families dispersed over a total city area of 0.88 square miles. However, this also means that lodging opportunities are less abundant than in other areas so do make your reservations early in order to enjoy this peaceful American paradise.

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