Summer Activities

Summer Activities In Fairfield County

Hiking Sawtooth MountainBeing in Camas County during the summer is just as alluring as the winters that make it famous. In fact, you can engage in countless activities through the summer, some well suited to families and others more individualist by nature.

Fishing, camping, motorsports, and recreational trekking (offering plenty of amazing nature to explore) are a few of the popular Fairfield summer leisure activities on offer.

In fact, if you own or rent a RV, there are plenty of superb places to park and pitch up a tent. Lodging in summer is usually easier to find than winter but it would be better if you made reservations beforehand.

Hiking And Mountain Biking at
Sawtooth Mountain

Camping and trekking are the two biggest attractions of Sawtooth mountains. In fact, Fairfield district consists of 12 camping spots distributed throughout the region with plenty of biking and hiking trails.

To access trails, you can get free permits at trailheads and even enjoy a horseback ride at some locations. The total trail through Fairfield in the Sawtooth Mountains stretches over 400 miles with lakes and scenic destinations along the route. Some trails may allow the use of ATVs but it is usually restricted to specific routes. For safe planning purposes, it’s best to ask beforehand for trails that specifically provide access to ATVs.

Fishing In Numerous Lakes and Reservoirs Near Camas County

Local rivers such as the Big Smoky Creek, Little Smoky, and South Fork of Boise provide plenty of fly fishing opportunities throughout the summer and spring. Additionally, Silver Creek and Big Wood River are only a short distance out of Fairfield.
There are a total of 12 lakes distributed through Camas County that are easy to reach and if you want more fishing destinations then venture out further from Camas County. Some of the common fishes in Idaho and Camas County include whitefish, steelhead, bass, carp, brook, salmon, cutthroat, warmouth, catfish, walleye and tiger muskie.

Before you decide on heading out to Camas County solely for the purpose of fishing inquire for the free fishing day pass in 2013. The State of Idaho offers free fishing on this day with no requirement of a license so that individuals and families can enjoy fishing without any restrictions. For more serious anglers looking to explore Camas County more regularly, the license process is typically not problematic. These laws exist to protect the unspoiled nature of our area and not to make things for difficult for tourists and anglers.

Adventure Sports

Camas County is not all roads and wilderness. There are plenty of asphalt tracks, dirt and mud tracks conveniently distributed through the region providing an excellent chance to enjoy ATV, motorcycling and 4X4 thrill rides.

Hunting And Local Game

Camas County boasts over a thousand acres of wilderness and a huge variety of game such as elk, deer, big horn sheep, waterfowl, turkey, mountain lion, black bears and more.

However, each game and form of hunting has got its own season for example Deer, Pronghorn and Elk season usually lasts from Early August to February while Mountain Lions and Black Bear season is from August till July. Before you can enjoy hunting in Fairfield, do read up on Idaho Fish & Game Hunting Rules Booklet. For best results, plan your fishing and hunting adventures in Camas County well ahead of time so that you can apply for licenses for your specific interests.