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Fairfield Idaho

Fairfield has some of the most amazing skiing/snowboarding, dog sledding and snowmobiling circuits in all of Idaho. These ski tracks are sparsely populated as visitors do not exceed the total residents of the city. The Smoky Mountains in Sawtooth National Forest offers many summer and winter time attractions. In fact, the Ski area at The Smoky Mountains has been in operation since 1948, located just 12 miles out of the city to the North. Snow-kiting, an extreme sport that requires specific conditions finds a lot of takers from around the globe as Fairfield ranks in as a top snow-kiting destination globally. Fly fishing along the Silver Creek and recreational wildlife photography around the Big Wood River are two popular family destinations close to Fairfield, Idaho.

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In the summers, trekking, mountain biking, big game hunting, Golfing, Fishing, wildlife viewing, and horseback riding are the major attractions but there is also much more on offer. For more information on Fairfield’s summer time activities Click Here