Must See Events In Camas County

Forget the winter and summer attractions that make the little town of Fairfield in Camas County such a lovely place to visit year round. Did you know that there is always some event or fair in Camas County every season? Many of these events are locally organized and draw visitors from all of Idaho. The “Kite Soldier Event,” (a world renowned snow kiting festival), the Camas County Rodeo, and the Camas County Fair are just a few such famous and well-liked events.

Kite Soldier Event

Ski Kiting

The annually held snow kiting event, Kite Soldier, typically begins in February lasting for a period of 3 to 4 days with professional ski-kiting competitors visiting Camas County from all over the globe. In 2012, the event was unfortunately not held as planned on February 25th. Instead a replacement event was organized. The event is sure to happen this year and is right around the corner, scheduled for the weekend of February 25th 2013.

Camas Lily Days

The first weekend in June is dedicated to Camas Lily Days at the Centennial Marsh. 14 Miles west from Fairfield, the Centennial Marsh is a nature lover’s paradise. Bird watching, nature photography, and picturesque sceneries await visitors throughout the year. The Centennial Marsh is open from mid-fall till early summer and usually teeming with raptors, mallards, cranes, herons, teals and gees.

The first few days in June are extra special because Camas Lilies enter full bloom around the same time. This event is not just about seeing beautiful lily blooms through the eastern Camas Prairies but also about Native American events and honoring their traditions. Watch traditional Native American dances, games, and feel like you’re a part of the traditional Native Homecoming. Kids too find plenty of activities to partake in as well during the Camas Lily Days such as the Kid’s Free Fishing Derby and other youth-geared activities.

Camas County Rodeo

Held each year, the Camas County Rodeo is an annual event organized at The Fairfield American Legion Hall and offers a range of great festivities for the whole family. Sponsored by The Idaho Cowboys Association, this is a ranking event that draws the attention of professional cowboys and cowgirls from all over the state. The event is split into 8 classes such as classic rodeo, calf roping, bull riding, and the likes. The entire week-long Camas County Rodeo sees plenty of action in the streets and culminates with a dance and feast scheduled for the last day of the event.

Camas County Fair

Undoubtedly the biggest attraction of Camas County is its County Fair that is annually held for one whole week. The Camas County Fair features daily events planned to engage all visitors and residents in interesting races, games, concerts and events. Just a few of the great events available include public speaking contests, horse shows, 4-H & “Open Class” judging events just to name a few of the equestrian options. Although music events, street dance and bull-riding are the focus events held at the Camas County Fair, the following events are also available yearly:

Rabbit Show

Bike Parade

Carnival with free rides


Dog Show

Community Pot Luck Picnic

Livestock show

Book sale by Camas County Public Library

Fairfield to Ketchum by Wagon train

Some things are best experienced rather than written about. The Wagon Train from Fairfield to Ketchum is based on an ancient Wagon route from Carrie Town to Ketchum that has just recently been opened for visitors. We’ll be adding more information on this great attraction for visitors and locals alike in a later post.